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KnowThis Site Update

Today we are happy to introduce a number of changes to Yes, it has taken quite a bit of time to complete the updates, but we believe the changes will be welcomed by our site visitors. Here is a list of the major changes:

  • New Website Layout - The website has been redesigned with a new logo, new menus, and an entirely new front page. The layout should work well no matter on what type of device it is viewed.
  • New Marketing Insights Section - We have created three new content areas that we call Marketing Insights. These areas are directed to our three main visitor groups - Marketing Professionals, Marketing Educators and Marketing Students. The vast majority of content that we previously posted to our Marketing Blog section will now appear in Marketing Insights. We have also redirected many of our past blog postings to these sections. While the Marketing Blog section remains, it will primarily be for news and information.
  • New Downloadable Marketing Mini-Cases - Within our Marketing Educators area we are rolling out a new Marketing Mini-Cases feature (coming soon). These cases, which will cover a wide-range of marketing topics, can be easily downloaded by students at very reasonable cost (most for less than US $2.00). For eligible educators interested in a case we offer a free review copy and case support material.
  • More Enhancements to Come - These are just a few of the changes we have made. We have several more planned over the next few months.

New LookToday we are happy to introduce our new-look website.   After much work, has undergone significant upgrades, which we hope will make the site easier to use with much faster access.  The upgrading took most of the summer since the transition required us to revamp a number of sections of the site.  For tablet users, one of the goals of the upgrade was to make the site display properly.  We have hopefully accomplished that.

Another benefit of the upgrade is that we will now be able to return to offering more in-depth coverage of Marketing Stories.  In early 2013, we had discontinued posting comments related to current marketing stories for several reasons including time constraints in creating the posts and issues with formatting.  We believe the new software running our site will help address these issues.

One downside of our upgrade is that most of our webpage addresses have changed.  While this is not something that should affect how visitors’ access the site, it does affect the numbers that appear on our social media buttons, which are linked to a specific page location.  Essentially, all of our social media numbers for individual pages will now be reset to 0.  Considering some of our pages had hundreds of positive mentions, this loss is disappointing.  However, we are confident these numbers will rise again.

Aside from the issue with the social media counts, we believe the new look will provide a more enjoyable experience for our visitors.  As always, any suggestions are welcomed.


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